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On the basis of the skills and knowledge of MVO USA specialists combined with that of experts from other GMH Gruppe companies, we develop components with maximum precision for automotive steering systems and products for other key industries. Components which meet the exact requirements of our customers.


ActivRakTM steering racks by MVO USA have a unique form of variable ratio: The rack gain characteristic is tuned to achieve a particular vehicle yaw gain target. This means the ActivRak steering racks achieve the functionality of an angle overlay active steering system - offering a cost competitive solution.


The M-Curve VR provides the possibility for multiple ratio changes - an application with 2 or more ratio changes is referred to as an 'M-Curve' VR. Some power assistance systems cannot support the fast ratios required for improved vehicle dynamics at full lock. The use of a second slower ratio at lock directly reduces the assistance torque required at lock in column driven assisted steering systems (CEPAS). This same approach reduces the rack speed at lock in rack driven assisted steering systems (REPAS or HPAS), indirectly achieving a similar benefit. The result is increased steering performance without increasing the power assistance requirement.

D and Y-shape steering racks

The D-shape variable ratio steering rack design provides a high level of flexible ratio characteristic. The steering racks are manufactured in a warm-forging process developed by the company - to achieve maximum scope in shape and cross section design, and the ratio can be designed quickly in a variety of ways.
The Y-shape rack design improves steering stiffness for more precise steering performance. The essentially wider teeth of can be up to 110% of the shaft diameter, providing maximum ratio flexibility, tooth load distribution and superior rack tooth strength. The stronger cross section in the teeth area often makes it possible to reduce shaft size diameter, consequently also reducing cost and weight.

Variable ratio steering racks EPAS (EPAS VR)

All the benefits of variable ratio (VR) apply equally to electric steering applications. Variable ratio allows designers to optimise the steering ratio of the rack and pinion for on-centre driving and parking, which improves energy consumption as well as torque.

Prototypes and low volume batches

MVO USA supports vehicle manufacturers in the development of new models. Our experts collaborate closely with these manufacturers from the early stages of vehicle model development to optimise their steering systems. OEMs benefit from the extensive range of racks and pinions in almost unlimited ratio variations, and our short lead times. Whether prototype or small-scale production, frequently used steels such as SAE 1040 and 35MnV7 or exotic steels such as 300C precipitation hardened steel and non-ferrous titanium.

Series production

MVO USA supplies racks and pinions manufactured with utmost precision to customers all around the world, from ready-to-install components to the semi-finished product. The company offers manufacturers of steering systems a broad spectrum of processing options such as induction hardening, straightening, crack checking and polishing. MVO works closely with equipment manufacturers and service providers to ensure maximum flexibility.


MVO USA manufactures complete steering gears, variable assist power steering valves, constant or variable ratio steering racks, high-precision pinion gears, hydraulic power steering components as well as engineering and manufacturing support to the high-performance racing industry.
The Variable Boost Valve (VBV) by MVO USA has 15 boost settings, so adjustments can be made within seconds - changing of parts is not required, and rebalancing is not required after adjustment. MVO USA’s range of services also includes highly customised enhancement of racks and pinions. An example is the possibility to close the end of the teeth while maintaining a tooth accuracy of DIN class 6.

Defense and aerospace 

MVO USA offers a wide range of skills and expertise as well as state-of-the-art technology and testing equipment in the development and production processes to provide our customers with long-term support. The range of services ranges from drawing and core engineering, construction and design, to manufacturing support - including a certified quality assurance system.

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Steering racks from ø22 to ø36m

Rack Length up to 1m