Technology delivers quality

Production at MVO USA

Every component leaving the MVO USA plant gate has been manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery. The work is implemented with precision, on the basis of our experienced employees' expertise. Subsequently, we always use precise testing equipment to ensure the consistently high quality of our components.

In addition to precision, top quality also necessitates the latest technology to be able to transform expertise and ideas into customised solutions. The core of the technological expertise at MVO USA consists of modern CAD packages combined with Finite Element Analysis as well as utilisation of in-house developed software for the construction of steering pinions and steering wheels with constant and variable ratio. Designed and optimised by Arthur Bishop, founder of Bishop Steering Technology Pty Ltd, which is also part of GMH Gruppe.

Cutting-edge technology

To be able to fulfil customer requirements from a technological perspective, MVO USA utilises a wide range of manufacturing facilities for sawing, lathing, grinding, milling and induction hardening. Manufacturing to precise specifications is a challenge we gladly rise to. Experienced specialists work, for example, on the extensive range of CNC processing equipment. Their skills and knowledge are further developed continually through over 40 hours of training per year. The most advanced quality inspections ensure, furthermore, that customers always receive components of the highest quality in compliance with their specific requirements. In this context machinery to measure the exact precision of the components as well as specific material properties and also dimensional and metallurgical analyses is used.