Steering Technologies

MVO USA strives daily to keep up with the latest technologies available for the purpose of offering our customers with the latest solutions available. The foundation of the technologies used by MVO USA begins with the core competencies that Arthur Bishop (picture shown right) has established before us. In implementing those principles, MVO USA has an Engineering core that utilizes the latest CAD packages. Coupled with Finite Element Analysis, and leveraging proprietary software for designing Steering Pinions, Constant and Variable Ratio Steering Racks, MVO USA guarantees our customers with excellent Engineering support.

In addition to world class Engineering, MVO USA also dedicates and maintains a wide range of manufacturing equipment to saw, turn, grind, mill, and induction harden to our customer’s tight dimensional specifications. At MVO USA, our Computer Numerical Machines are operated by some of the local industries most experienced and specialized machinists who are provided with 40 hours of additional training per year to build upon their craft.

Finally, but just as important, MVO USA houses up to date inspection equipment that measures and gages the part accuracy, but also tests the materials as well to guarantee our customers inspection meets and exceeds their requirements.  In addition to dimensional and metallurgical analysis, MVO USA also takes the steering rack and pinion measurements to the next level with specialized machines that guarantee the gear and mesh quality.

Arthur Bishop