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In order to support MVO USA’s mass production creep feed grinding process, and MVO GmbH’s world class rack forging process, MVO USA has developed highly sophisticated machining techniques for the production of prototype rack and pinion gear sets.

Working independently with vehicle manufactures in the early stages of vehicle model development, MVO USA’s ability to supply gear sets of almost unlimited ratio variation – with short lead times – allows OEMs to optimize their steering systems. These ratios can then be translated into rack and pinion gear profiles using a range of BISHOP developed techniques and developed software, assuring manufacturing feasibility at an early stage.

Induction hardening of racks and pinions is available in house. This process can be set up to supply hardness patterns simulating those used in production.

In addition, MVO USA produces low volume batches of rack and pinion gear sets, special pinions and racks to enhance existing steering gear performance to the high performance racing industry.

MVO USA’s machining process is suitable for a wide range of materials from frequently used, commercial material – SAE 1040, 35MnV7, to exotic steels such as 300C precipitation hardened steel and non-ferrous titanium.

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