MVO USA brings its engineering know-how and expertise to the high performance racing industry.

  • Complete Steering Gears
  • Variable Assist Power Steering Valves
  • Constant or Variable Ratio Steering Racks
  • High Precision Pinion Gears
  • Hydraulic Power Steering Components
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Support

MVO USA Variable Boost Valve (VBV)
Adjustable Steering Feel for Competitive Advantage 

The Variable Boost Valve (VBV) has 15 boost settings from finger-tip light to near manual steering feel. Adjustments can be made within seconds, while the steering gear, column and u-joints remain untouched. Changing of parts is not required, and rebalancing is not required after adjustment.

This means that for motorsports applications a steering system can be easily adjusted “AT THE TRACK – ON THE DAY – IN THE MOMENT”.

Custom Rack and Pinion Steering

MVO USA provides low volume batches of rack and pinion gear sets, special pinions and racks to enhance existing steering gear performance.

MVO USA’S sophisticated machining process allows additional features to be designed into the pinion and rack. An example is the ability to close the end of the teeth while maintaining a tooth accuracy of DIN class 6. This refined machining process is suitable for a wide range of materials, from frequently used commercial material such as SAE1040, 37CrS4, and through to exotic steels such as precipitation hardened steel and non-ferrous materials such as Titanium.

Additional novel features such as herringbone teeth and other configurations are also available.

2008 Winner for Variable Ratio

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Variable Assist Valve

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